António Laranjeira
I was born in 1976 and currently live in Cascais, Portugal. I am a Systems Administrator. 
And I'm an enthusiastic photographer.


- Two photos published on covers: "Jornal de Noticias" and "Camerapixo Fineart";
- More than five dozen of photos and articles published in English, Portuguese and Spanish magazines such as "National Geographic Viajes", "Photography Week", "Jornal de Notícias", "Photo Plus", "National Geographic Portugal", "Nature Photography", "Camerapixo Fineart", "O Mundo da Fotografia", "Shot!", "Photography Masterclass" and "Zoom".
- In 2014, I won the landscape round of "Photoventure - Liberate Your Photos" competition, beating hundreds of other photographers from around the world and achieved 4th place in the "Photography Competition of Historical Villages of Portugal/ National Geographic Portugal"
- I have reached the front page of the world leader site "" with several photos.


The word ‘photography’ recalls for me very many happy childhood memories of my father and his enthusiastic, albeit amateur approach to picture taking. As an adult, my passion for photography grew, as indeed did my family. Many photos were taken of our new baby, and many more as he progressed through the toddler stage to the child who is now approaching adolescence. However in 2012 after a few trips I began to become dissatisfied with the photos I took and also the quality of the equipment I was using. I began to think of photography with a capital ‘P’, I was eager to truly capture the awesome beauty of the setting sun or the waters that appear to float as veils.
Then I bought my first Canon SLR, tripods and many filters and lenses. Although I confess that even with this new equipment I am never satisfied. I see faults in everything I do and feel that I must push myself even more to become the photographer I want to be.
I have never been to a photography workshop or course and am completely self taught reading many books, magazines and spending hundreds of hours surfing the net for interesting landscape photos, this course of action I must say is not to be recommended.


I started to work in landscape photography and try to catch the soul of the landscapes and reveal some not so known places to the public. That was a very relevant step of my portfolio and totally change my vision, always looking for the best composition and for the right colours and skies. In this days, I don't lost my like of landscapes but travel photography start to attract me so much. The people, the buildings, the life... They're all so magnetic that I turn my head to them. Walking around on the streets and capture the expected and unexpected of the life on the cities make me more watchful and focused. My future... Keep shooting lands, waters e cities and running my Photo Tours. And the most important thing: make good photos. Not the perfect exposed or technically perfect but that ones that make me happy and pass something to the viewers. Like emotion or a history.